Bedroom Styles

Different bedroom styles are enjoyed by people on even the lowest of budgets. This still allows people to choose the style that they love or what they consider functional. Here are just a few bedroom style suggestions.


Asian styles are usually about calmness and mystique, which can be achieved by making simple additions such as lamps and lampshades. Asian style screening and panels, as well as pillows, add more feel and style. Paintings and wallpaper with mythical designs are the final touches on an Asian style bedroom.


An elegant bedroom with a simple furniture in a Mediterranean style can be made with just a few steps. A hand-painted bed head and some simple chairs and paintings will give the bedroom a Mediterranean feel. A chandelier, as well as Tuscan type furniture, can result in even more style.


Traditional bedroom styles require symmetry throughout the bedroom with minimal frills on the walls and ceiling. The style can be achieved by using poster beds with traditional furniture and customised styles. Engraved woodwork and cheaper furniture such as upholstered chairs with flat edges, as well as bedside tables near the beds, make the traditional style complete.


A country bedroom is another simple style that looks romantic and rustic. The use of red coloured wood and dressers makes the country bedroom possible. Sheer curtains and checked drapes will give the right country feel also. Wallpaper and paint give a final polish to the country bedroom style.

Indian Style

An Indian style bedroom can be achieved with some simple carved furniture, and bedside tables, as well as latticed headboards and nightstands. Pillows and furniture such as ottomans, Chakki footstools and carved Jhula day beds give a casual feel to the style. Teak styles complement Indian style bedrooms.

Different bedroom styles appeal to all kinds of homeowners. They can be achieved as cheaply or as expensively as the person wants.