Surprising Things to Look for in a Chair

Furniture buyers are often unaware of how a humble chair can have so many variations. Different weights, armrests, backs and the height of chair all have an effect on the sitter.


A heavy chair will usually offer better stability and less likelihood of injury for people with more weight. A light chair may not offer as much stability but may be more appropriate for a group that may need chairs at short notice or need to move quickly. Some examples may be outdoor seating or chairs for large events.


Some chairs have armrests which obviously gives more support to the person sitting. It takes the weight off the arms and other parts of the body, such as the back. Armrests will also make lowering on to and rising from the chair easier. This is particularly relevant to people who are ill or are frail. Furniture shops such as furniture world will have many types of armrests for different people.


The back of a chair supports the weight and pressure of the back and other body parts. Lower backrests are more suitable for the lumbar area; medium heights support the back and shoulders. Lastly, a headrest will support the head and neck. Headrests prevent strain for people sitting long hours at computers such as gamers or those sitting at desks.


The height has a major effect on how the weight is distributed through a person’s body. A higher seat may result in feet that are dangling in the air and are not flat to the floor. The knees may experience more pressure as a result. No weight on the feet means more pressure on other parts of the body. A chair that is lower results in more weight on the “seat bones”.

Even the humble chair requires a careful look over before buying. There are many things to consider before sitting comfortably in the environment that you choose.