Modern furniture is changing

Furniture nowadays are not only practical objects designed to perform a certain role in the house or in a work place. People are no longer interested in a table that has four straight legs and a flat surface on them. There is nothing exciting about a rectangular wardrobe with a pair of doors opening outside. Furnishing an apartment became almost an art and furniture became decorations, sometimes even sacrificing their usability.

Motorization inspired furniture

That is why it’s becoming more and more common to decorate homes with furniture in a particular style. Some people are motorization enthusiasts and they use various car and motorcycle parts, converting them into furniture. Sometimes even entire vehicles are hanging down from the living room wall and I’m sure you’ve seen coffee tables put on an old engine or a back of a car transformed into a sofa.

Steampunk furniture

There is a particular design called steampunk and it’s based on industrial-era image. Over the years it gained many followers and people started creating various objects made of hundreds of screws, nails, gears, pipes and other parts of machinery. They are making items as little as jewellery and as big as entire houses where chairs are formed from halves of pipes, chandeliers are a composition of hundreds of little shiny gears and the front door is converted into a front of a train. Such furniture look very mysterious and original, but are they really practical to live with every day? Here are 21 cool tips to Steampunk your home

Casino inspired furniture

Another type of furniture often seen in people’s houses is closely related to the interior of a casino. I’m sure you’ve seen numerous, so called “game rooms”, filled with poker tables or blackjack tables, perhaps even a roulette wheel or the actual slot machine like a one-armed bandit. Casino furniture is quite popular and many people claim it can spice up the image of your home, adding a bit of excitement atmosphere. If you’re curious what such furniture looks like you can hit any of the online live casinos out there and simply watch a live footage from the casino where real dealers are assisting players, just like in a regular land-based casino.